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At HOBSON ELECTRONICS we are pleased to offer a tailored remapping service for your vehicle. 
Remapping adjusts the vehicles electronics to offer greater torque and performance.
This service greatly improves both performance and fuel efficiency.
Our maps are designed specifically for your vehicle we do not use generic maps.

Lets start with power and economy tuning. We are offering three different options:

ECO 1 MAP: Get yourself great economy with a slight power increase.

STANDARD 2 MAP Have a compromise between power and economy. More power than the green map while still gaining an economy increase.

POWER MAP: As much power as is recommended for your car.

DPF Solutions:

We offer electronic solutions to overcome issues relating to your DPF. This electronic programming solution modifies the brain of vehicle and removes its recognition of any faults which might be generated due to a problematic DPF and halts attempts to regenerate it.

EGR Problems?

If your EGR is giving problems and not allowing your engine to run efficiently we can help you out and get you back up to speed.

Any questions? Call us on 028 8772 7007